Velaro v20.10.23 Release Notes


This release includes several new features, as well as significant updates and improvements to existing features.

If your company uses a firewall and explicitly whitelists Velaro URLs, please note that in order to avoid a service disruption you will need to whitelist the following URL


  1. New URL for application JavaScript. This feature will allow us to deploy emergency patches to parts of the application without the need to wait for a full deployment, and without the risk of downtime. FOR CUSTOMERS WITH FIREWALLS SPECIFICALLY WHITELISTING VELARO URLS: PLEASE BE AWARE - This change will require you to add the URL to your existing whitelist in order to continue using the application 

  2. New Secure Forms feature allows collection of sensitive data separate from chat that disappears after a configurable time period. This functionality is hosted outside of the main application at and customers whitelisting Velaro URLs for their firewall will also have to whitelist this URL in order to use this functionality. 

  3. Added the ability to create CRM records automatically from bot conversations

  4. Call Bridge Feature updated with QOL improvements

All updates


  • [LF-5334] - Agent availability report: Negative Agent TTA

  • [LF-5346] - Password Reset Token: Early Expiration

  • [LF-5356] - Netsuite: Case Record: Search on "assigned' field disabled

  • [LF-5367] - Call Bridge: Error on second call request

  • [LF-5369] - Visitor Conversion report: X Axis labelling and numeric spacing issues

  • [LF-5388] - Agent Util report: Columns missing from export

New Feature


  • [LF-5304] - Call Bridge: Add tone or indication when the call connects

  • [LF-5358] - Unavailable survey creates new record in Dynamics

  • [LF-5366] - Data consent functions

  • [LF-5371] - New Trial Test Page/Visitor Facing test page: Improvements

  • [LF-5355] - New Text Editor: Add text alignment option