Velaro v20.11.13 Release Notes


This release includes a number of minor bug fixes and various quality of life improvements across various areas of the application including Invitations, Reports, and the Chat Designer


  1. New Velaro Knowledgebase prevents losing unsaved data unintentionally with a confirmation required before navigating away

  2. Improvements to the visitor icons on the engagement screen to offer agents more consistency and ability to distinguish between multiple hats

  3. Chat Designer now allows exact pixel dimension configuration in addition to the visual slider

All updates


  • [LF-4392] - Manage Agents: at 100% zoom, not all options show

  • [LF-5326] - Invitation Config: Inline Image upload Mislabeled

  • [LF-5376] - Velaro Bot: Remove "Wait for NLP input" if NLP config is not chosen/NLP is not enabled

  • [LF-5387] - Inline chat Invite: Agent who appears in invite is associated with a missed chat

  • [LF-5394] - Group Management: Adding a new group requires reload to edit

  • [LF-5395] - Conversion report: Group by date not displaying data

  • [LF-5396] - Surveys: Add variable field to Name and Email questions

  • [LF-5397] - Velaro Bot: Bot preview returns 500 error

  • [LF-5403] - Agent Performance report title: Shows title of previous page visited

  • [LF-5402] - Scheduling: Remove references to deleted group


  • [LF-5352] - Landing widgets: adjust sizing/layout

  • [LF-5393] - Engagement Report: Default to page 1

  • [LF-5398] - Ability to store Transcripts and Reporting data in its own database


  • [LF-4874] - Idle Auto Close: Add warning for 3 and 5 minute window

  • [LF-5113] - Inline Chat Invite: Chat line included in Transcript : indicate its from invite

  • [LF-5406] - KB Article Navigation Confirmation

  • [LF-5331] - Engagement Screen: Use consistent Visitor headshot images

  • [LF-5327] - Chat Designer: Allow exact frame width config/Add pixel count