Velaro v21.1.15 Release Notes


This week we have a small release as we work on several long term projects to build new features and functionality. The release includes some reliability improvements, a fix to improve the function of a recent update to CRM requirements, and introduces some new branding options for the header images as well as introducing the functionality for a new user licensing model.


  1. The most important change introduced in this release is the update to license assignment in our Agent Management interface. For all existing customers this will not have any impact on your daily use of Velaro but you will see a new button visible in our Agent Management interface.



The agents list will contain a new indicator for licensed or unlicensed users. All existing users in your accounts will automatically be given licenses, but now rather than deleting old users from your account to create profiles for new employees, you can simply remove the license from an old user, and you will be able to create a new user.

All updates


  • [LF-4411] - Ensure availability changes from 2nd sessions or admin actions update on agent screen

  • [LF-5459] - Visitor information in right panel becomes mismatched in low connectivity

  • [LF-5490] - Shadowing agents considered as another agent in the chat for CRM record selection requirement


  • [LF-5449] - Engagement Screen: Improve reliability in low connectivity situations

  • [LF-5470] - User License control on Agent Management Screen


  • [LF-5409] - Chat Designer: New header image options added