Velaro v21.2.5 Release Notes


This release contains some minor improvements to existing features that will allow more customization to your workflow as well as enhancements to the Velaro Knowledge Base product.


  1. In this release, we have added back functionality to allow unavailable actions and post-chat referrals to use custom HTML. Our existing text editor allowed for a great deal of customization without the need to write any HTML, but for Velaro users with highly specific design needs this custom HTML editor will allow a greater level of control

  2. For Velaro users employing our queued routing, survey data submitted by chatters can now be hidden from agents until the agent accepts the chat to prevent the possibility of agents prioritizing certain chats based on survey responses

All updates


LF-5508 Viewer Role: Users with Agent and Viewer roles can't see reporting data
LF-5506 Knowledgebase Article Preview: Fails when an article is open
LF-5455 Knowledgebase Article Preview: Fails in DA
LF-5477 Knowledgebase: Media upload not working
LF-5440 Agent Util Report: Remove group filter option


LF-5507 Workflow>Routing: Add setting to hide surveys from Agents until accepted
LF-5426 Text editors: Add option for HTML editing
LF-5502 Transcript Offloading: Allow a configurable delay
LF-5482 Ability for Velaro to add Bot Templates