Velaro v21.02.26 Release Notes


This weeks release is small as we continue to work work on several long term projects to build new features and functionality. It contains a few small fixes and improvements


  1. As Netsuite prepares to make changes to how it handles Token Based Authentication, we have made sure that when Netsuite releases that change, users of Token Based Authentication are still able to use the Netsuite integration in Velaro

  2. A new chart has been added to the Agent utilization report to track total chats over time. This report previously was focused more on advanced metrics but now this simple stat of Total Engagements can be visualized

All updates


  • LF-5543 CRM Integrations: Show when selected setting not showing in right panel



  • LF-5471 Knowledgebase: Add file manager and storage feature

  • LF-5360 Add # of chats per agent, per month, to Agent Utilization Chart