Velaro v21.3.19 Release Notes


This release contains several bug fixes and improvements to the application, including improvements to the Velaro Knowledgebase product, the Engagement screen, and some of our 3rd party integrations.


The Velaro Knowledgebase portal has been redesigned with improved aesthetics and usability in mind. The configuration of the Knowledgebase product also saw improvements allowing more customization and ease of use around creating and displaying content. We have also enabled the ability to automatically display your companies chat button on the Knowledgebase so your customers can get all their assistance in one place.

All updates


LF-5537 Knowledgebase: Image spacing issue
LF-5529 MSDynamics error trying to refresh token from archive
LF-5505 Shadowing Chat: Shadowing users required to fill agent post chat
LF-5483 Engagement screen: Agent can't see typing indicator when shadowed
LF-5481 Velaro Bot: Route to Bot- Select a path option not showing paths
LF-5463 First Visit Date: Always shows 1/25/2018


LF-5465 Replace "your problem" in Unavailable default text
LF-5454 Add the ability to deselect all groups at once in reports
LF-5421 Add event in Google Analytics for Unavailable Surveys submitted
LF-5405 Align CRM address fields with sub-records in Netsuite
LF-5519 Knowledgebase: Add property to topics and articles to determine display order
LF-5538 Knowledgebase: Update Design/Styles
LF-5512 Knowledgebase: Chat button
LF-5462 Knowledgebase: Create internal linking ability