Velaro v21.5.27 Release Notes


This release will happen on Thursday rather than Friday. It contains several reporting fixes, improvements to in app notices, a fix for unavailable actions and new data passing options for CRMs


  1. Reporting fixes including unexpected display of blank lines, Improvements to an inconsistent calculation, and ensuring support users do not appear in reports

  2. CRM integrations can now automatically pass the Velaro EngagementID into newly created records to associate records with specific Velaro Chats

  3. Improved usability of the alerts banner to ensure it does not persist displaying when users have enabled alerts

All updates


LF-5586 Engagement Report Export: Add Newest Columns

LF-5564 Unavailable Custom Text: Link Fix

LF-5563 Webhook Integration: Add content-type header

LF-5514 Reporting: Account Util: Blank lines for default group

LF-5513 Reporting: Account Util: Average Queue Wait time issue

LF-5441 Agent Util report: Exclude Support users


LF-5518 Availability update when disconnected: Improve error message

LF-5555 CRM integrations: Add EngagementID to Visitor info under LINK option

LF-5602 Alerts Banner: Automatically Hide when Alerts are Enabled