Group selection and re-selection controls

The same controls are available for both Group selection and Group re-selection.


Turns the rule builder off, hides the "+Add rule" button, and hides any rules that have been configured.

Be sure to click "Save" to after you click the "Off" button to turn off rules.

2Rule builderTurns on the rule builder, if it is turned off, shows the "+Add rule" button, and shows any rules that had been configured.
3External provider

Displays a field to enter a url to leverage an external business rules engine that overrides the Velaro rule builder.

This is an enterprise feature, please contact Velaro support integration with a business rules engine.

4SaveSaves the selections made to turn off rule builder, turn on rule builder, or save an external provider url.
5+New RuleAdds a new, blank rule to the bottom of the rule list.
6List order

Mouse over the List order icon, then click to drag a rule to reorder the list as you require. 

Rules are evaluated from the top of the rule list to the bottom until the first condition is met.


The name given to the rule. This name is for internal use only and should describe the rule.

The Name is a hyperlink that toggles the rule controls open and closed. See Rule builder.

8GroupThe name of the group where the rule will route the chat.
9Delete rule

Click to delete the rule.

A dialog box will open with the message "Removing this rule will permanently delete it".

  • Cancel: cancels the delete action.
  • OK: permanently deletes the rule.

Rule controls

To configure the rules for group selection or group re-selection, please see the Rule builder article.