The design section enables the configuration of the visitor chat experience design. There currently five design interfaces.


Chat Designer 

The Chat Designer allows for the configuration of the new visitor chat window. It combines the functions of the Inline and Popout chat designers in a single interface. 

The Chat Designer is currently in Beta release. Once it is at version 1.0, all new Velaro customers will use the Chat Designer. Current customers can upgrade to the new Chat Designer by replacing the old javascript code on their website with the new code. 

See Chat Designer for more details.

Legacy Inline Chat

The Inline Chat Design allows for the configuration of the inline chat window.

See Legacy Inline Chat Design for details. 

Legacy Popout Chat

The Popout Chat Design allows for the configuration of the popout chat window.

See /wiki/spaces/ITSD/pages/229343300 for details.



The Invitation Design allows the configuration of proactive chat (prochat) invitations.

See Invitation Design for details.


The Email design allows for the configuration of chat transcript emails.

See /wiki/spaces/ITSD/pages/229441639 for details.