Profile Menu

Click the user's profile avatar to display the profile menu.

Profile: Click NameClick user name to display the user's profile settings controls. See Profile screen.
Switch to unavailableToggles the user's availability to take chats. See Set Available Status.
Download the desktop application

Downloads the Windows desktop application. See /wiki/spaces/ITSD/pages/228491561.

The desktop application is only for Windows machines.

Mac OS use:

Release notesReturns a screen that displays the latest Velaro software release notes.
Chat with support

Opens a new chat window to chat with Velaro support. 

Submit Diagnostic Logs

Performs a system diagnosis, then displays a screen that allows a user to enter the issue being experienced. When the issue is submitted, the system diagnosis report and the issue description will be used to create a new support desk ticket and a confirmation email will be sent to the user's login email address. See /wiki/spaces/SUP/pages/173834241.

Be sure to submit a Help ticket when the issue is occurring, or immediately afterward, so the relevant console errors can be captured.


Log out of Velaro.
Gear Icon

 Admin/Managers view only. Use to access Account Setup