Velaro v21.7.23 Release Notes


This release contains several bug fixes and quality of life improvements to some of Velaro's newest products and features: Chat Bots and Knowledgebase, both standalone features that also extend the functionality of our traditional live chat.


  1. Updates to the functionality of the Velaro Knowledgebase product to improve article creation, management, and appearance.

  2. Improvements to the ability to preview a Chat Bot during the process of configuration, and more customization options added.

All updates


LF-5638 Knowledgebase: Tag Filter not filtering as expected

LF-5498 Bot preview page: cannot select yes to close the chat


LF-5641 KB Styles modification

LF-5622 Knowledgebase: Allow preview of internal articles

LF-5639 Knowledgebase: Add filter for Public vs Internal

LF-5632 Bot: KB result responses hardcoded, make editable

New Feature

LF-5616 Security Settings: Add option to hide visitor info from agents


LF-5557 Queue Position Display: Hide display until accurate calculation is available