Profile screen

When the Profile option is selected from the profile menu, the user's manage profile screen is displayed.

Profile screen features

1Profile ImageThe profile image control. See Upload a profile image.
2Performance Widgets

Widgets that provide a summary 0f key chat metrics for the user. Mouseover each widget for an explanation of the metric.

The widgets from left to right are:

  • Total chats that the agent is currently active in
  • Total chats that the agent was involved in, over the last 7 days.
  • Average of engagement ratings over the last 7 days
  • Total hours available today. The total time that the agent's status was set to Available while logged in. 

Note that widgets are updated hourly, they are not "real-time".

3Profile configuration panels

Each tab presents a screen with profile configuration options for the user:

4Recent activity streamTracks availability, chat acceptance and chat exit activities for the user.