Configuring custom data

Want to provide custom information about your website visitors to your agents? Do this by dynamically adding querystring parameters to the scripts that you’ve deployed to your web pages. No additional setup or customization options are required. By simply adding any unique attribute/value parameters to all your Velaro scripts, that information is picked up by the visitor’s browser and passed along to Velaro so your agent can view it.


In order to pass in the information to your agents, we must either hardcode the value to be passed in the same every time, or the information must first be available on your website as a javascript variable specific to each user. This is usually information you already know about a customer such as a login name, cart value, or other information.

Below is the line of code you’ll need to add, with an example for a hardcoded value pair and a variable value pair.

Velaro.Globals.CustomChatValues = { TestValue: “one” , TestValue2: x };

This piece of code will need to be added to your engagement script section and can be set up uniquely on each page if needed.