Velaro v21.9.10 Release Notes


This release contains several improvements to agent engagement screen functionality as well as data available to an agent during chat. It also includes improvements related to the mobile chat experience for website visitors.


  1. A new data point is available to help identify website visitors who are using a mobile device vs a standard interface. This data is available for agents during chat, as well as in the engagement report to assist in reporting

  2. Agents will now be notified if a chat they are in is due to be re-routed to another agent. This will prevent situations where an agent is in multiple chats and loses track of a visitor they have not yet responded to.

All updates


LF-5316 Velaro Bot: Returning to bot, reply buttons fail


LF-5469 Transcript Emails: Clarify that transcript link is only for logged in users

LF-5468 Add Notification to agent screen when auto reroute is being used

LF-5604 Mobile Prechat: Disable Persistent chat window state

LF-5417 CRM dropdown: Improve tab selection

LF-5631 Unavailable Redirect: Improve redirect waiting screen

New Feature

LF-4806 Track Mobile v/s Desktop user