Velaro v21.10.1 Release Notes


This release contains various bug fixes and quality of life improvements around the application with several improvements to Bots, CRM integrations and Transcript offloading.


  1. Improvements to Velaro Bots include, an adjustment to calculation of Agent Response Time for chats where a bot transferred to a live agent, adding new fallback options when the bot transfers to an unavailable group, and new features around forms that bots serve to visitors

  2. Additional language options for transcript offloading in cases where Google Translate was used to translate between agent and visitor

  3. Chat designer now allows configurable window titles for popout chat that can be customized for each group, rather than using a sitewide default.

All updates


LF-5686 Email template: Canned message HTML displays as code

LF-5679 Translated Transcripts: Offloading issues

LF-5676 Bot Chats: Agent Initial Response Time

LF-5647 Agent Performance Report: Offered Column counts prechat abandons

LF-5642 Bubble Invites: Config allows more characters than able to be displayed

LF-5415 CRM Field Mapping: Link Modal is not resetting between fields

LF-4972 New Vis UI: Chat header image uses old UI setting

LF-5652 Netsuite Errors when creating Case for Existing Contact


LF-5689 Velaro Bot: Route to Group Fallback Options

LF-5688 Velaro Bot: Forms Improvements

LF-5648 Chat Designer: Allow Configurable Window Title

New Feature

LF-5458 UTM data capture & display