Velaro v21.10.22 Release Notes


This release contains several fixes for small bugs around the application, as well as some improvements to existing features that improve the experience of the application as well as some that expand the functionality and utility of some Velaro tools.


  1. Savable Report Views allow administrators to save their most used report configurations and avoid having to manually select which columns to include each time a report needs to be viewed. The new button in the reports section allows you to select a combination of columns to be brought back up with a single selection. Admins who regularly view reports for multiple groups will find this saves time configuring reports

  2. Bot Webhooks have been expanded to accept a wider variety of data in the webhook response allowing much greater flexibility and customization of Velaro Bot responses. Customers now have the ability to create webhook endpoints that include more complex logic to accept visitor info and provide responses to Velaro such as order status, account standing, and even update custom data that Velaro knows about the customer

  3. Velaro Bot Quality of Life improvements include identifying incomplete configurations when saving to reduce the amount of time spent debugging bot logic as well as a navigation alert to prevent loss of work when navigating away with unsaved data.

All updates


LF-5685 Re-route on Disconnect: Fails to save for groups

LF-5664 Dashboard Active Chats Widget: Info Link window missing tab

LF-5267 Chat Designer: Prechat Survey text color non-configurable

LF-4993 Pressing enter in the display name input asks you if you want to be removed from a group


LF-5710 Add Login Page Images to rotation

LF-5690 Change Log: Add Canned message changes

LF-5629 Allow text and email alerts for Click to Call

LF-4202 Security Features: Add Save button

LF-2699 Reporting: Savable report views

LF-5151 Velaro Bot: Highlight unconfigured fields yellow

LF-5553 Velaro Bot: Add Unsaved Changes Alert when navigating away or closing tab

LF-5661 Velaro Bot: Webhooks Improvements


LF-5539 Log the source of all availability changes

LF-5697 Google Translate: Store visitor language in local storage

LF-5696 Google Translate: Add On/Off Switch in Account settings