Velaro v21.11.12 Release Notes


This release cycle we have another smaller release as we continue working on long term projects and features to expand the functionality of Velaro’s customer engagement platform.


  1. We’ve updated the Missed Chat report to expand its functionality as a tool for following up with customers who were unable to reach an agent. Agents in your account can now assign missed chats to themselves to track which missed chats have been contacted, as well as easily access the customer information filled out in the Unavailable survey in order to inform the follow-up.

  2. Our new custom footer feature (accessible in the Design section) allows you to add an hyperlink and custom text to the footer of the chat window so that you can provide additional information to your customers to be persistently available during a chat. This may be useful for a privacy policy or other information you may want to make sure your customers have access to during chat.

  3. Prechat surveys will now automatically prefill with known information about a visitor to your website without the need to define this data in the custom variables of the deployment script. This means that if a customer returns for a second chat, their name and email will already be filled out for them in the prechat survey.

All updates


LF-5699 Change Log: Group Addition/Deletion not recorded

LF-5694 Velaro Bot: Translation when Google Translate is disabled

LF-5692 New Visitor UI: Custom Data Updates to frontend

LF-5682 Errors on PDF transcript in Chinese

LF-5667 Custom Footer and Watermark Changes

LF-5633 Knowledgebase: Updating Slug invalidates internal Links


LF-5706 Missed chats report improvements