Velaro v21.12.3 Release Notes


This weeks release is heavily focused on improvements to existing features which will make the application more usable and customizable, ensuring day to day work is seamless and that Velaro can fit your needs whatever they are.


  1. Thanks to a recent Netsuite API update, the ability to use 2FA with our Netsuite integration has been added. Now 2FA can be turned on for the Velaro Integration role, allowing the Velaro integration to match your company’s security requirements

  2. Our Click to Call Bridging feature now allows agents to accept calls while away from their desk if their configured phone number is a cell phone. Text alerts can be enabled to notify the agent of a call request, and a link is provided in the text message allowing agents to accept the call right from the text message.

  3. Our QnA Maker feature which allows any Knowledgebase or FAQ to be turned into Natural Language Bot knowledge now has improved customization around matching customer inputs and which results to display.

All updates


LF-5418 Integrations: required reload to reset card


LF-5757 Add Bot Turns Column to the Engagement Report

LF-5728 Text and Email Alerts: Add option to only display when available

LF-5726 Netsuite API: Add support for 2FA

LF-5743 QnA bot: multiple results

LF-5742 QnA Bot: Adjust score for display

LF-5721 QnA Bot: decouple from NLP

LF-5711 CRM: Manual Search Option

LF-5691 Click To Call (Bridging only) Text and Email Alerts: Add Prechat info and Link to accept chat

LF-5706 Missed chats widget improvements