Velaro v22.1.21 Release Notes


This release contains several bug fixes and improvements around the application to improve the agent and visitor experiences when interacting with the Velaro application. The largest changes are related to our Click To Call and Chat Bot features.


  1. Major changes to the Click To Call experience include improving the display of calls on the engagement screen by moving them from the small module in the upper right corner to the same area where chats are located. This improves visibility and expands functionality by allowing agent surveys, CRM records and notes to be archived with calls for more robust reporting and tracking of call engagements

  2. Our most recent version of the Velaro Desktop application is now available at the download link that appears in the profile dropdown menu if you are using a browser. The newest version can also be accessed at

All updates


LF-5769 Velaro Bot: Group Transfer Availability

LF-5768 Bot Previewer: Visitor inputs failed to submit

LF-5732 Dashboard online agents widget: Status sometimes blank

LF-5718 Desktop App Download Link: Update Version to 3.0.1

LF-5716 Desktop App Alerts: Add option to "Display until Acknowledged"


LF-5736 Click To Call: Call Engagement Improvements

LF-5725 Chat window style adjustments

LF-5724 Buttons: Add Hover Effect

LF-5759 Routing: Duplicate Auto-route setting for Queuing