Velaro v22.2.11 Release Notes


This release contains two bug fixes along with several improvements and new features focused around our Click To Call functionality extending the ability of Velaro to manage phone calls. This release also includes the addition of our new native Co-Browse functionality.


  1. Improvements and new functionality added to Click-To-Call including consolidation of settings into one location, adding flexibility to the behavior of the Call Bridging feature, adding a new deployable call button, as well as allowing call requests to be submitted via the Velaro Bot.

  2. The new missed chat report functionality, which allows agents to assign missed chats to themselves to assist in tracking follow-ups, has been updated to improve the consistency of customer email availability as well as the ability for agents to un-assign any missed chats that were assigned in error.

All updates


LF-5780 Dynamics Integration: OwnerID field fails on submit

LF-5744 Missed Chat report: Backfill missed chat survey data


LF-5737 Click to Call: Move all click to call options into workflow

LF-5779 Click to call: Bridging: Add option for call order

LF-5752 Missed Chats Report enhancements

New Feature

LF-5734 Click To Call: Add One Click Button

LF-5735 Click to Call Velaro Bot: Add bot initiated c2c

LF-5773 Cobrowse production setup

LF-5772 Cobrowse: Improve cursor visibility