Velaro v22.3.4 Release Notes


This release cycle we have another smaller release as we continue working on long term projects and features to expand the functionality of Velaro’s customer engagement platform.


  1. This release will include new reporting options for the QnA function of Velaro’s automated bot agents. The QnA report will allow you to include an automatic confirmation within the bot dialogue to confirm if a QnA response was helpful or not. Customer responses will be stored in the QnA report which will show every customer query and whether it was marked helpful, unhelpful, or if it did not return any results. This will allow you to review the success of your QnA body of knowledge and iteratively improve it to ensure it is as helpful as possible to your customers.

  2. The Velaro Knowledgebase now includes new branding options which allow you to customize your logo, as well as include a link to your website.

All updates


LF-5819 Netsuite: Disable Search on unsearchable field

LF-5818 Netsuite: Missing search icon

LF-5817 Engagement Screen right panel: Location pop-out 404 error

New Feature

LF-5782 Qna Bot Report: QNA report

LF-5781 QnA bot report: QnA Automatic confirmation.


LF-5807 Knowledgebase: New Configuration Options for Velaro Knowledgebase