Velaro v22.3.25 Release Notes


This release focuses on maintenance of quality of life around the application as we continue to build and plan for new and exciting additions to the platform.


  1. Added an icon to alert users of the engagement report that search terms are being used to filter data, as well as an option to clear those search terms more easily. This will prevent the accidental use of search terms limiting the amount of data shown without the users knowledge.

  2. Fixed the “Show New Message Alerts” setting for users of the desktop application who were seeing new message alerts even after disabling them.

  3. Fixed the date range setting on the Missed Chats report which would revert to the previous date range setting unexpectedly.

  4. Reduced the number of attempts to retry offline CRM record creation when record creation fails due to missing fields. This will prevent CRM errors in cases where retries have no chance of success due to missing required fields.

All updates


LF-5796 Engagement Screen Information Tab: DNS and BrowserType not displaying

LF-5792 Notifications - New Message alerts showing in desktop app when disabled

LF-5786 Missed Chat report: Date range and Time range not saving

LF-5775 Offline Record Creation: Limit retries

LF-5747 NetSuite Integration: TBA Checkbox clears User and Pass

LF-5741 Custom Footer: Text color

LF-5727 Routing buttons out of order


LF-5730 Keyword search filter visibility