Velaro v22.4.15 Release Notes


This release contains several bug fixes and improvements related to the user interface of the application as well as the Velaro Bot.


  1. Bot chats now have their own separate auto-close setting to ensure that visitors who do not close their chat with a bot do not leave bot chats open indefinitely and that bot chats will appear in reports in a timely fashion

  2. Users who do not have access to make configuration changes to the Velaro Bots will no longer see the links for those sections in the navigation menu.

  3. Bot profiles can now be edited to update the name, headshot and the groups it is to be used for

All updates


LF-5822 Console UI: Left Menu display uncentered when minimized

LF-5762 Engagement Screen: Left panel hidden on resize

LF-5799 Manager/Agent Role: Bots options show on left nav


LF-5809 Velaro Bot: New Path Name as placeholder

LF-5738 Bot Profiles: Allow editing

LF-5812 Velaro Bot: Add bot specific Auto-close