Velaro v22.6.17 Release Notes


This release includes an improvement to the flow of two invitation types, a fix for the sizing of the idle time setting in the desktop application, and a fix for agent access to transcripts in the chat history tab of the engagement screen.


  1. Inline Chat, and Bubble style invitations have been updated to improve the flow and the perception to the visitor that a chat has already begun. The existing button to accept one of these invitations has been updated to a message box to allow the visitor to type a message to the agent in an inline window, which will immediately initiate a chat if Pre-chat Surveys are disabled. This will significantly lower the barrier for customers to engage with your agents.

  2. The KPIs shown on the newly redesigned group page previously had a calculation error which resulted in very long decimal numbers being shown. This release will ensure only whole percentage numbers are shown on the group page.

All updates


LF-5844 New Group Page: KPI Decimal bug

LF-5827 Security Setting: "Allow agents to view visitor transcript history" not working

LF-5838 Desktop Application update: File>Settings: Idle Time Field sizing too small


LF-5828 Inline Chat Invitation: Improve Flow