Velaro v22.9.9 Release Notes


This release includes several improvements to functionality related to bots, as well as quality of life improvements to profile settings and reporting.


  1. For new users added to the system, when changing their profile settings for the first time, First Name is no longer a required field for saving profile settings. Display name is used around the app as the primary name for agents.

  2. A bug with in the QnA maker related to display of question and answer pairs beyond 50 has been resolved. The configuration area was not displaying these questions previously.

  3. Rows in the Account Utilization report attributed to the Default Group will now be labelled as such to improve clarity of reporting data.

All updates


LF-5886 QnA Maker limits display of imported questions and answers to 50

LF-5626 Account Utilization Report: Add Group Label for Default group data


LF-5884 Bubble Invite: Do not require visitor input for bot groups


LF-5890 Profile: Make first name not required