Velaro v22.9.30 Release Notes


This release resolves 2 behaviors related to Velaro Bot functionality. It also includes an improvement to the search algorithm used for searching knowledgebase articles and visual improvements to our new user onboarding experience.


  1. The agent engagement time column of the engagement report will no longer count time the visitor spent chatting with a bot. It will only include the sum of all time agents spent in the chat.

  2. The improvement of the article search in our knowledgebase product has also been improved to more accurately take into account article title and article content when indexing for search terms in addition to the tags assigned to an article.

All updates


LF-5908 QnA maker: No answers returned does not route to selected path

LF-5843 Agent Engagement Time: Should not count Bot Chat time


LF-5787 Knowledgebase: Article Editor Search Accuracy Improvement

LF-5888 Trial Walkthrough: Visual Improvement

LF-5902 Update text Editor

LF-5893 New Trial Modal Visual Improvements