How to Submit Diagnostic Logs

As an agent or manager, if you are experiencing issues during a chat, you can use the “Submit Diagnostic Logs” feature in the Velaro Console to capture a snapshot of the system status.

Clicking Submit Diagnostic Logs performs a system diagnostic test and provides a field for you to enter a description of the issue. Sending the Submit Diagnostic Logs request creates a service desk ticket and sends the user an email notification.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Select “Help” from the profile menu. When you click help a modal window will open and run a diagnostic test immediately.

  2. Describe the issue and click "Sent to Support". This will create a support ticket and a confirmation message will be sent to the email addressed used to login. The help request can also be cancelled.

  3. Once you click Send to Support, a confirmation window will appear with a code for your records.