Visitor Chat Window


The new Visitor Chat is a complete redesign of the Velaro visitor chat window user interface.

The interface is built on an entirely new API library that improves the performance of the chat window, enables new and future enhancements, and facilitates the embedding of Velaro chat into apps and custom website implementations. For this reason, legacy customers that wish to implement the New Visitor Chat experience must update their website chat javascript code.

The Chat Designer administrative interface is steam-lined to consolidate controls and implement design themes for improved usability. Options include:

  • Button designer
  • Social media designer
  • Queue wait time designer 
  • Colors and theme: Names, text and icon colors
  • User prompt (modal window) designer
  • Click to call designer
  • Notifications

The legacy visitor chat window design will continue to be supported alongside the new chat design. Legacy Velaro customers are not required to install the New Visitor Chat at this time.

Both legacy and new visitor chat javascript code cannot co-exist on different web pages for the same visitor account. Please notify Velaro support if you require assistance migrating to New Visitor Chat.