Velaro v19.10.11 Release Notes


The updates in this release include new alert features and reporting enhancements.

New Alert Notification Features

New alert features have been added to improve notification of new chats and messages for agents.

Browser tab title notification

A new notification alert feature in the browser tab will provide a count of the new items needing attention and cause the tab title to flash until the tab is selected and the notification alert is resolved. The browser page title will be modified to display the number of new actions pending on the Dashboard:


Detection of browser notification settings

Upon Velaro console login, if a browser is being used, Velaro will detect if browser notifications are enabled, and if not, a dialog window will display to notify that notifications are not enabled, with a link to click that will show the browser setting to enable notifications.

Once notifications are enabled, the message banner can be closed. If the user prefers not to enable browser notifications, the message can simply be closed.



Scheduling: New user interface

The scheduling tool has been improved to better support high volume and call center implementations. The new scheduling tool allows the creation of multiple schedules, each with multiple groups and shifts.

Customers currently using scheduling will not need to take any action to maintain current schedules. The new schedule tool will condense all of the currently scheduled groups into one schedule with multiple groups and shifts based on the current configuration. Please note that there may appear to be fewer iterations of your schedule in the new tool, as they will instead be configured as shifts.

See the knowledge base article on the new scheduling tool here:

Reporting: Count idle re-route transfers

A column has been added in both the Engagement and Agent Utilization reports that tracks the number of times a single chat was auto-rerouted to another agent due to the first agent not answering the chat request.

  • In the Engagement Report: this field will count the number of times a single chat was auto-rerouted.

  • In the Agent Utilization Report: this field will count the number of times in each period an agent had a chat that was auto-transferred away from them due to being idle.

CRM Integration: Map “Referrer” to a CRM field

The URL “Referrer” field has been added as an option in the list of menu options available from visitor monitoring that can be mapped to a CRM record field. This setting is located in the data mapping configuration screen for each CRM (Administrator access is required to configure the setting).

Transcripts: Include the translated conversation

In the Engagement Report transcript object, a new tab will display the visitor's translated conversation.