Velaro v20.1.10 Release Notes


This release is focused on new automation, artificial intelligence, information management, and accessibility compliance features.

New Features

Velaro Answer Bot

The Velaro Answer Bot is an AI-driven natural language chatbot that matches visitor utterances with intents and uses machine learning to continuously improve, to automate visitor conversations that deliver answers.

Velaro Custom Bot

The Velaro Custom Bot is a rules-based chatbot that enables the design of custom conversation flows for targeted solutions.

Velaro Knowledge Base

The Velaro Knowledge Base is a robust knowledge base system integrated with the Velaro platform that enables a self-service library of online articles and information. The Velaro Knowledge Base can be referenced and searched by agents, chatbots, and visitors, with the following features:

  • Topics

  • Keywords

  • “Draft” and “Published” article status

  • Public, Internal and Draft viewing permissions

  • Standalone public portal for visitor self-service

  • Article text and image editor

  • Article ratings

  • Article hits

Knowledge Base for Chatbot

The ability for the Velaro Knowledge Base to be integrated with the Velaro chatbot. Articles and information can be retrieved by mapping intents to keywords. The Velaro chatbot can also query the knowledge base.

WCAG 2.0 AA Compliance

Enhanced the chat visitor window features and functions in order to comply with WCAG 2.0 guidelines for AA compliance.


Dynamics CRM Integration

Enhanced the functionality of the Account record type to enable the creation of a new Contact record and Case record from within the Account record screen.



Improves the performance of agent shadowing, shadowing status, and shadowing agent message indicators when an agent is chatting and shadowing in multiple chats.

URL referrer tracking

Improves the performance of URL referrer tracking in the case where a visitor opens a chat popout window, then proceeds to navigate multiple website pages before initiating the chat conversation.