Velaro v20.1.31 Release Notes


New features include chat bubble invitations and queue tab status change indicators. A new version of the Windows desktop application is available, and the new iOS version for Mac users is also available. A number of improvements have been released and a number of WCAG tasks complete the accessibility compliance work for the visitor chat window.

New Features

Chatbot Bubble Invitation

Chat bubble invitation can accommodate up to three lines displayed as separate bubbles. If a chat is initiated and a chatbot answers, the invitation will be displayed as the first posts of the conversation.


Arial Font available in the chat window designer

Arial has been added to the chat window designer.


Exit indicators in console queue tabs

New “exited” icon to indicate that a visitor has exited the conversation on the tab summary for chats; provides better visibility into status changes for chats on background tabs.


iOS Desktop Application

An iOS version of the Velaro Desktop Application is now available. Contact to install the new Desktop App for Mac.


Windows Desktop Application

The latest version of the Windows Desktop App includes:

  • Improved notification of new version updates.

  • Permissions handling of auto-update is enabled in the cause where auto-update is off.

  • Change Auto Idle default setting to off.


Knowledge Base image controls

Improved Knowledge Base article image controls.


Scheduler issue repaired

Scheduling tool in Firefox not saving new shifts.


WCAG refinements

  • ARIA main landmark and level one headings for the chat window.

  • Close button contrast ratio.

  • ARIA labels for NPS 10-scale selector.

  • ARIA label for the visitor message area.

  • ARIA label for the brand logo icon.

  • Configuration of in-chat notification text colors.


Dynamics SSO

OAuth for Dynamics CRM integrations.


Chatbot reply balloon color setting

Chatbot balloon adjusts the same color as the default chat window color.


CRM mapping UX

Improved the function of CRM field mapping drag and drop reordering.