Velaro v20.3.13 Release Notes


This release includes several important feature improvements to the new Velaro Bot, as well as some minor bug fixes and general improvements across the application.



  • Live bot preview to test out bot logic as it is being built

  • Field validation improvements

  • Improved configuration usability


  • Expanded security features by adding new credit card formats to our credit card masking functionality


  • Improved report search

  • Improved “Chat Requested From” field accuracy

  • Ensure inline chat cannot be hidden while active

All updates


  • [LF-5045] - Velaro Bot: Allow Configurable language for Field Validation

  • [LF-5148] - Velaro Bot: Chat conversation hangs after path with default options

  • [LF-5071] - Engagement report search: Name search missing results

  • [LF-5147] - Visitor UI: When Chat is Active, Disallow Hiding Launcher

  • [LF-5000] - Firefox: Fix Canned message link. Fixed Dropdown


  • [LF-4988] - Page Chat Requested From Field: Update on Survey Submit

  • [LF-5012] - Velaro Bot: Logic Preview chat panel

  • [LF-5114] - Add JCB and En Route to Credit Card Masking