Velaro v20.4.3 Release Notes


This release consists primarily of small front end bugs and improvements as well as some minor security improvements.


Front end

  • Various minor improvements to consistency of visual information provided to agents such as errors and notifications

  • Improvements to reporting data controls such as search filters and chart labels


  • Message sanitation features. As always we ensure that messages from a visitor to your agents do not contain malicious code. We have added an improvement however that will identify suspicious messages to the agent with a label as well as show the suspicious string in full as text in the chat transcript

  • We added an additional optional feature to allow sanitizing messages that are sent from the agent to the visitor


All updates


  • [LF-5115] - Allow disabling visitor monitoring

  • [LF-5129] - Engagement report: Fixed columns mislabeled when group by agent

  • [LF-5140] - Chat Auto Close Warning: Visual notification improved in Desktop Version

  • [LF-5146] - New Visitor UI: Add Visitor Minimized Chat notice

  • [LF-5156] - Visitor Report: Conversions - Fixed display of Funnel and Chart

  • [LF-5157] - Agent headshot: Update dropdown on upload

  • [LF-5170] - Dashboard Current Chats Widget: Improved Search bar filter

  • [LF-5174] - Automatic welcome message: Hidden except for initial accept

  • [LF-5176] - Request Engagement 404 Error: Fixed chat panel flash

  • [LF-5179] - IE11: Removed inaccurate error notice

  • [LF-5186] - Reporting: Fixed Custom Date showing incorrectly

  • [LF-5187] - Velaro Bot: Fixed Zendesk integration saving


  • [LF-5002] - WCAG: Page Language Requirements

  • [LF-5006] - WCAG: Document must have at least one landmark

  • [LF-5120] - Add an 1 day purging option

  • [LF-5175] - Security Setting: sanitize agent to visitor messages (opt-in)

  • [LF-5185] - Red flag malicious lines sent from visitor to agent


  • [LF-4398] - Canned Messages: Show Hover Preview

  • [LF-4907] - Add a sms number verification process to engagement text alerts

  • [LF-5109] - Agent Console Spanish translation: Added missing translations

  • [LF-5178] - New data fields for bot

  • [LF-5184] - Handle error when chat is requested with invalid group