How to set up a chatbot

Getting started

Before you start to set up your chatbot in Velaro, you should plan your chatbot first. Identify your chatbot’s purpose and persona, and then design the conversation flow. Once you have a basic structure of how you want your bot to interact with your visitors, you can then proceed with setting it up in Velaro. Here is a good listing of articles and resources to help you design your chatbot user experience:

The Velaro support team can also help you set up your chatbot. Training is available, or we can design your chatbot with you.

In addition, you will need to know answers to the following to set up your chatbot:

How will the chatbot start?

You will need to know how you want your chatbot to start, the following are options:

  • The visitor submits a traditional pre-chat survey and the chatbot starts

  • The visitor sends a message (no survey) and the chatbot starts

  • The visitor opens the chat window and the chatbot starts

  • A chatbot bubble invitation is displayed to the user and the chatbot starts when the visitor opens the chat window

How will the chatbot work with live agents?

Will the chatbot answer the chat when it starts all the time, or only when an agent is unavailable? Live agent and chatbot agents need to co-exist in the workflow together. Once you know how you want this to work, there are a few settings to be made in the workflow setup.

What will the chatbot do?

The Velaro chatbot can fulfill tasks for the visitor. What do you want your chatbot to do? The following is a list of possible chatbot actions:

  • Greet the visitor and engage them in conversation

  • Ask the visitor questions to triage their intent, then route to a live agent

  • Allow a visitor to select to chat with the chatbot or route to an agent

  • Schedule a meeting on an agents calendar

  • Open a new ticket or record in a CRM

  • Check the status of an order

  • Manage a procedure or list of tasks for a visitor

  • Answer a question

  • Provide a link to an article or resource

  • Search the knowledgebase for an article that answers a question and present the article

  • Capture data and use it in workflow rules

  • Allow the visitor to type any message, and have the chatbot detect the intent and respond correctly

Once you have a plan in place for how you want your visitor’s chatbot user experience to be, then you can get started setting it up.

Setting up your chatbot

1) Design the chatbot profile

A Bot will not work without a profile. A chatbot avatar and name is required to give your chatbot an identify in the conversation. See

2) Design the chatbot conversation

Setup your conversation paths based on the conversation flow you designed. See

3) Design the chatbot workflow

Setup up the visitor's pre-chat experience (survey or auto-start), how the chatbot will work with live agents and groups, and the post-chat survey. See

4) Preview and deploy

Test your bot and see how the conversation flows. Make adjustments to messages or paths as required.