Velaro v20.4.24 Release Notes


This release includes mostly bug fixes with low rates of occurrence, as well as some new features to improve the ease of use of our new chatbots and Knowledgebase products.


Improvements to the Velaro built-in Knowledgebase will make it much easier to automate searches by the chatbot.

All updates


  • [LF-5143] - Archival: Transcript cut off if <script> is typed in the chat

  • [LF-5169] - File Uploads: File name cuts off at semicolons

  • [LF-5171] - New UI: Prechat for previous group sometimes displays instead of current group

  • [LF-5180] - Visitor Chat: Reconnecting to Signalr after engagement state change

  • [LF-5212] - Group Selection Questions: Prevent routing to unselected groups with duplicate labels


  • [LF-5134] - Velaro Bot: Direct Knowledgebase Search

  • [LF-5154] - Velaro KB: Articles Page - Add Filters and Sort