Velaro v20.6.5 Release Notes


CRM Integrations

  • Fix Netsuite Parentcustomer Search

  • Fix Netsuite Editing existing case

Engagement Screen

  • Improve language when accepting an abandoned chat

  • Improve transferred chats displaying in queue

  • Improve Canned Message sort order

Engagement Report

  • Add Field to engagement report to record if a CRM record was created

  • Identify chats handled by bots in the Agent column

Visitor Experience

  • New button design options for the visitor side

All updates


  • [LF-5216] - Engagement Report: Identify Bot chats in the Agent Column

  • [LF-5239] - Improve notice text when accepting a chat after it is abandoned

  • [LF-5241] - Netsuite: search issues with parentcustomer field

  • [LF-5244] - Transferred Chats: Chats transferred to queue group not displayed in pending tab

  • [LF-5245] - Netsuite: Error editing existing case


  • [LF-5102] - Add a "Created CRM Record" field to the Engagement report

  • [LF-5155] - Chatbot: remove punctuation from bot KB buttons

  • [LF-5243] - Visitor side Button Configuration

  • [LF-5250] - Sort order of Canned Messages Alphabetically