Velaro v20.6.26 Release Notes


Changes this release include big updates to new features Velaro is bringing to you very soon, as well as some improvements to visitor side localization and administrative reporting at a glance! This release also includes some improvements to emailed reports and transcripts.



  1. One of the changes you’ll notice first in this release is that we have made the account setup button more accessible for account managers and administrators. From now on, you’ll be able to access the account setup section right from the navigation bar instead of the headshot menu dropdown

2. We also have completed work on the new Click to Call connection bridge, which can expand the use of your existing Velaro website assets to connect your agents and visitors by phone.

3. We have also implemented a core change to our Chat Bots which decouples them from chat groups, allowing for more flexibility and re-usability of configured bot logic



All updates



  • [LF-4419] - Subscribed Report Email Template: Remove Deprecated Hyperlinks

  • [LF-5276] - Engagement Screen missed update on reconnect

New Feature

  • [LF-5208] - Enable total time available to be calculated real time

  • [LF-5198] - Click-to-call conferencing bridge

  • [LF-5193] - Bots: Disassociate from groups


  • [LF-5076] - Survey and Transcript Emails: Add Transcript Link for easy access

  • [LF-5266] - Visitor Side Localization Options, gaps filled

  • [LF-5246] - Add scrollbar to chat preview

  • [LF-5257] - Move Account Setup icon on to Top Nav