Velaro v20.7.17 Release Notes


This release is a small update that includes mostly minor usability, and quality of life change to the application, but we’ve got some exciting new features on the horizon that we can’t wait to tell you about.


  1. Visitor side improvements

    1. Visitor language localization gaps addressed

    2. Visitor Survey phone field customization expanded

    3. Update Chat panel minimize icon to a more recognizable design

  2. Agent improvements

    1. Transcripts sent to agents and admins will now include a link to the transcript in Velaro

    2. Duplicate search results for some records eliminated in Netsuite integration

  3. Admin Side

    1. Features dependent on Visitor Monitoring are identified for accounts without Visitor Monitoring access

    2. Landing Widget display glitch appearing before first enabling landing widgets is fixed

All updates


  • [LF-5200] - Visitor Monitoring: Identify dependent features

  • [LF-5204] - Netsuite Search: Duplicate results displayed

  • [LF-5292] - Landing widget preview display blank

  • [LF-5303] - Call Bridge: 404 after ending call engagement


  • [LF-5163] - Change visitor UI minimize icon

  • [LF-5285] - Add full transcript url link to transcript emails that are sent to agents


  • [LF-5275] - Survey phone field: Country code configuration

  • [LF-5287] - Visitor Side Localization: Email Transcript Header text and buttons