Velaro v20.8.7 Release Notes


This release contains mostly improvements and updates to new features we are working on. It also includes several visual and formatting improvements around the application.


  1. New Knowledge Base preview button makes the articles you create much more accessible and easy to preview

  2. Improvement to the design of visitor facing accessibility features for users with visual impairments

All updates


  • [LF-5264] - Transcript purging, disable checkbox, grayed out

  • [LF-5265] - Bot NLP encoding issue

  • [LF-5283] - Landing widgets: Error causes failure to load designer

  • [LF-5284] - Landing widgets: Previewer shows blank before first enable

  • [LF-5298] - Engagement Screen: Order queued or pending chats by time waiting

  • [LF-5313] - Adjust NPS Font

New Feature

  • [LF-5137] - Velaro KB: Add URLs to KB Portal on Topics/Articles pages


  • [LF-5270] - Velaro Launcher: Keyboard Focus Visual Design

  • [LF-5299] - Option to display timestamp in 24hr format for localized languages

  • [LF-5229] - Additional bot button design options