Velaro v20.8.28 Release Notes


This release includes various quality of life changes across the application with improvements to the Netsuite integration, survey functionality, user management and visual improvements around the application.


New Text Editor

The biggest change to look out for is the update to our rich text editors across the application. You will notice that the editors for the Canned responses, Unavailable Custom Text, Post Chat referrals and Knowledgebase articles are all new and improved and we hope you will find them much easier to use. In an upcoming release we plan to improve the agents message area as well.


All updates


  • [LF-5142] - Google Analytics integration Card: Wrong color when enabled

  • [LF-5248] - Netsuite Case List fields in search: show incorrectly

  • [LF-5291] - Netsuite Phone Search: Include full string when dashes are included

  • [LF-5330] - Survey Phone Field: Configured default not displaying

  • [LF-5108] - Section Question Type: Add placeholder text

  • [LF-5319] - Copy Agent settings: not populating full list


  • [LF-5329] - Increase the password token expiration

  • [LF-5337] - Add a warning to survey forms against collecting sensitive data

  • [LF-5338] - Prevent infinite re-attempts for archival failures

  • [LF-5347] - Group font size increase


  • [LF-5131] - Notification Reliability during unstable connections

  • [LF-5139] - Allow Site administrators/managers to reset user passwords

  • [LF-5258] - KB: Add Insert/Edit Table in article content

  • [LF-5290] - Allow Ctrl+arrows in Excel for Eng report

  • [LF-5328] - Visitor side Launchers: Update Active style to be unique from Focus style

  • [LF-5318] - Reset password landing widget